Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ANSARA Terendak

Please be advised that we have conducted our 2008 AGM for ANSARA Terendak Branch. Below are the list of the 10 elected members as per constitution requirements:

Name - Position

  1. Brother Mej. Farizal Haryadi Abdul Hadi RMAF - President
  2. Brother Mohd Nazri Borhannuddin - Vice President
  3. Sister Tengku Aidrina Tengku Yaacob - Secretary
  4. Sister Sharifah Sharina Syed Aswad - Assistant Secretary
  5. Sister Intan Harlizda Hitam - Treasurer
  6. Brother Madhi Abd Hamid - Branch Committee
  7. Brother Kamal Rafizi Rahman - Branch Committee
  8. Brother Fairuz Mohamad - Branch Committee
  9. Brother Iskandar Syahril Ibrahim Sukri - Branch Committee
  10. Brother Dr. Mohd Azahadi Omar - Branch Committee

The mainboard for ANSARA Terendak are as the committee for Silver Jubilee Celebration. The committee will remain in position until the next 2009 AGM.

ridzuan hamid

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